Garden Society: Kykuit Character Guide
Note: Even though this page lists the personalities of the characters, this is more of a FAQ guide on how to get the endings for each female. If you haven't played the game yet, prepare for some spoilers.
Arthur Turner
Bio:Arthur's bright past lead him to his current state of solitude. Feeling himself drowning in it, Arthur sets out to break free when he fortuitously transfers to another school. Will he be able to get out of the wall he surrounded himself in or will he find come to accept the solitude and find a middle ground...?

Help Arthur as he makes his way through the first day with his fellow Garden Society members. With a total of 8 possible endings with four of them having a possible Bonus parts, GSK has an ending for everyone.

Vivian Muse
Bio: Striking is what most would describe this beauty, but don't let her exterior fool you. Born into a well-to-do family, Vivian is gracious, intelligent, out-going, and polite (though some would even say cunning).

Vivian is all about the modern scene from her clothing, her artistic tastes, and her surpringly up-to-the-minute information of her surroundings... including you. Even though she adores anything modern, she was brought up with a traditional background and has come to appreciate classical features from European architecture to ideals such as chivalry.

Constantly flanked by a flock of admirers, Vivian may seem unattainable but given the right time and choice words, a brief encounter with her alone is heaven-sent but is it enough to catch her interest?

Elena Sanchez
Bio: A foriegn exchange student from Spain, Elena is outwardly shy and reserved, speaking in a quiet voice with a tendency to revert to Spanish. Keeping herself distanced from everyone else she will though briefly, shed her quiet demeanour when speaking about her passion: art.

Elena grew up with art in her life and has come to appreciate all types from modern to classical, to sculptures, paintings, landcape gardening, and architecture, to name a few. Each type holds a special place in her heart, seeing them all with their unique qualities.

Very similar to your circumstance, Elena is new to her surroundings and is quite hesitant about meeting others. Can you forge a common ground with her or will both your reserved personalities get in the way?

Nadine Lawless
Bio: Nadine is the outgoing, boisturous type who isn't afraid to tell you exactly how she feels... even though it may cause some embarrassment to the recipient. With her teasing manner, her frankness, and happy-go-lucky personality, Nadine is quick to earn friends. She helps her friends when in need and has a habit of nicknaming everyone she meets.

Nadine has an inkling for mysteries but her sleuthing ability and interest falls short when contemplating modern artwork. To her, modern art will forever remain an enigma and she therefore has a strong preferance for classical works.

Her tastes generally, fall on the exotic, from her animal print clothing to her love of anything Asian. Nadine is one female you can't exactly pin down, but if you do, she'll liven up your life!

Miss B
Bio: Aside from teaching regularly in your school, Miss B also heads the after-school club: The Garden Society. Partly because of her plus the fact that members have several trips per school year, it has become a popular club to join among the students. Due to that fact, membership qualifications became stricter and those seeking membership must prove their appreciation for either architecture, art, or gardens.

Popular among the students, it has been noted among fans through countless "observances" that Miss B likes those who help others, and can correctly identify and is knowledgeable about art, architecture, and gardens. Of course, these observances are just that - observances - and can only be taken by a grain of salt.

Corus White
Bio: Pale, and slightly on the chubby side, Corus has no qualms striking up a conversation with others. He's rather talkative but can quickly turn quiet when overheated. He doesn't stay out in the sun that long and generally parks himself under the shades of a tree to cool off.

Corus is the one to turn to when you want to know about something from trivia to social happenings - Corus knows all about it... usually. Ironically, Corus can be a bit absentminded about personal items. In other words, he tends to lose things!

Fashion-wise, Corus prefers the good 'ol T-shirt and jeans but can also be seen sporting the khaki and white shirt combination at times. All in all, Corus is a pretty easy-going guy, and is actually the first person who greets you.

Randel Varghese
Bio: Randel is your typical overachiever; class president, jock, honor student; you name it, Randel's probably in it. He takes his Class Presidency post seriously and brings it upon himself to know the who's and the what's of his fellow students - including you. Several minutes into your arrival to Kykuit and he's already welcoming you to the club and greets you by your full name to boot!

Sterling qualities aside, Randel is your typical guy with typical male views plus he has a preference to call everyone by their last name. He's very open about his opinions and doesn't mind sharing them even if others disagree with it. Generally, though, he prefers to stay on the good side of each person's opinion.

Muse Fan Club
Bio: The Muse Fan Club is a group of males within the school who has one thing in common - a love for Vivian Muse. While several openly follow Miss Muse (as they call her) around, the majority prefers to admire her from afar content in their undeclared feelings for the beauty.

There is no official count of how many are within the fan club itself but it is big enough to boast a regularly published newsletter with info on the school movements and after-school sightings of Miss Muse plus other tidbits such as fan art, poetry, photo-exchange, and special events such as the Win a Custom-Made 8" Miss Muse Model Contest.

Fans of Miss Muse range from underachievers to overachievers and everything in betweeen though some are more forthcoming with thier interest in Vivian than others. Those following Miss Muse in Kykuit were the lucky few who were able to get into the club. Their identities are unknown but can easily be determined if you like word and image games...

Other Garden Society Members
Bio: The Garden Society has many other members as seen in the background. Some may even look familiar if you give them another look...

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