NaNoRenO was inspired and modeled after the idea of NaNoWrimo (write a 50,000 word novel in 1 month) and NaNoMangO (make a 30 page comic in 1 month). NaNoRenO challenges developers to create and finish their own Ren'ai game within a designated month's time from concept to final product.

NaNoRenO 2006

NaNoRenO is now over! But that doesn't mean participants stopped working on their games. Check out the finished projects plus the progress of the other participants.

Akimaru - progress unknown
BCS - flu
Dre - computer problems
Gekiganwing - February and March
Greywolf - Late entry, progress unknown
Herenvardo - demo of battle system, progress unknown
Luvcraft - To Hanzo
MangoKiwi - Dante's Wrath
Megaman Z - Art completed, only needs programming. Demo expected May 1st
Quin - Delayed until April
Shii - 30% done

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1. You mustn't begin your work prior to the month*
2. It must be a ren'ai game. Example: a computer game or an interactive fiction themed around romance
3. Must have a least two endings
4. Teams are allowed
5. Developers may join the fray at any time within the month. If you feel you can make the deadline, give it your best shot!
6. The challenge begins 12:00AM, March 1st at your time zone and ends 12:00AM, April 1st 2005, your time zone.

****What is ALLOWED Before the Month****
~ concept sketches, doodles
~ brief script outline or ideas such as synopsis
~ taking or looking for possible background pictures
~ non-game related programming or testing such as figuring out how an engine works is permissable
~ music composition roughs or looking for possible music to use in your game

****What is NOT Allowed Before the Month****
~ drawings you edit and enter into your game
~ written or typed dialogue, script, or text
~ completed or edited final version of music
~ actual game programming


Making a complete and working Ren'ai game is challenging to do within one month's time. It's highly suggested you stick to the newbie rules as much as possible which are:
-stick to a short story
-if you can't draw backgrounds, use photos
-if you can't program, use an available ren'ai engine
-if you can't make your own music, ask to use another's for your game
-plus you can also do some cuts like keeping artwork black & white or have no music at all
You can also form a team and take on the challenge together if you prefer.


Q: I would like to participate but I don't think I'll make the one month deadline. Is there any other alternative?
A: Yes there is! But first, here's some reasons why YOU should join NaNoRenO. If you're still having second thoughts about participating, IntRenAiMo (International Ren'Ai Month) is a challenge where participants may begin or continue unfinished ren'ai games at any time. The only rule is that you must try to finish the game by the end of March.

Q: I don't like the idea of doing things ahead of the month even if they're only concept sketches, etc. Can I opt not to do them before the month?
A: Sure! If you would like the extra challenge, you are welcome to literally start and finish your game in one month.
If you want, you can go for the NaNoRenO Last Minute Challenge! All you have to do is follow the NaNoRenO rules except you start on March 17th. That's right! You only have two weeks to create your game! If you think you can handle it, go for it!

Q: Okay, I'd like to join but where do I sign up? Or do I tell someone? ...?
A: Just announce your participation at the Lemmasoft forum. Since it is not at least three months before March, just create a new thread in the Game-Makers Corner. If you would rather wait, the official NaNoRenO 2006 thread will be created in December. You can also just drop Rio a line.

NaNoRenO 2005

NaNoRenO 2005 was an exciting event with participants signing up to the event even with only two weeks remaining. Out of 14 people, 6 were able to complete their game with several releasing before the deadline. A big resounding applause to all the NaNoRenO participants! We hope to see you again next year. :D

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