NaNoRenO was inspired and modeled after the idea of NaNoWrimo (write a 50,000 word novel in 1 month) and NaNoMangO (make a 30 page comic in 1 month). NaNoRenO challenges developers to create and finish their own Ren'ai game within a designated month's time from concept to final product.

Not willing to limit participants to just the NaNoRenO challenge, IntRenAiMo was conceived to promote ren'ai developers to finish their projects and get new developer's into making their own ren'ai game. IntRenaiMo is a great alternative for those who have busy schedules and cannot make the NaNoRenO challenge. With IntRenAiMo, developer's may start their projects at any time but must aim for the March 31st deadline, coinciding with NaNoRenO.

IntRenAiMo 2006

IntRenAiMo 2006 is now offically over! Get the lowdown of who has finished and who are still working on their games below:

Alessio - Go! Magical Boy
Blue Lemma - will unlikely finish
bookie - pulling an no-sleep-week
clubanimon - unknown progress
DigiBloo - MIA since 2/10
Kikered - Quine
Rio - Mid/late-Apriln expected release date
Sakura Maple - On "Hyper Emergency Backup Plan"
ShiraiJunichi - Summer 2006 expected release date

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1. New or unfinished ren'ai projects allowed
2 . The challenge begins at any time but ends 12:00AM, April 1st 2006, your time zone.


If you're new to making your own ren'ai game, it's highly suggested you stick to the newbie rules as much as possible which are:
-stick to a short story
-if you can't draw backgrounds, use photos
-if you can't program, use an available ren'ai engine
-if you can't make your own music, ask to use another's for your game
-plus you can also do some cuts like keeping artwork black & white or have no music at all
Also, you may form a team and take on the challenge together if you can make the deadline.


Q: I don't think IntRenAiMo is challenging enough. Is there any other alternative?
A: Yes, NaNoRenO and NaNoRenO+ is a challenge where participants must begin work on their project at the start of the month and try to finish by the end of the month. NaNoRenO+ is a tad more lax than NaNoRenO. Check each one first and see which one suits you best.

Q: Okay, I'd like to join but where do I sign up? Or do I tell someone? ...?
A: Just announce your participation at the Lemmasoft forum in the Game-Maker's Corner. You can also just tell Rio.

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