Character Profiling
by Neoshaman and Rio

Creating a character is easy but creating a believable one who the player can empathize with and relate to is a bit more complicated. To resolve this, the most obvious answer is to create a character profile. Profiles come in handy, allowing you to lay the foundations of a character with depth that you can easily reference and guide your story. For example, the character of the person dictates how he or she will act in certain situations.

Please note that using a character profile is more useful to those who will be making long, and in-depth ren'ai games like Love Revolution which has 12 love interests, several supporting characters, and is modeled after a complete commercial ren'ai game. If you're making a short ren'ai game, at most, all you will need is the character name, age, gender, height, and a brief description. If you're new to ren'ai game-making, I highly recommend you leave off detailed profiling for now until you've gained some more experience.

Anyways, here is a Text Document (1KB) and a Word document (23KB) where you can create your character in depth by listing their personality and other attrubutes in detail. If your character does not have an attribute in a certain category such as magical, just leave it blank, type "none", or erase it from the profile list. Remember: just because it's listed doesn't mean your character has to have it.

The document includes:
name, gender, race, age, birthday, height, measurement, beliefs/religion, hobby, basic description, astrological sign, Chinese zodiac sign, blood type.

Current info:
family background, birthplace, home, history, possessions, pets.

Physical description:
hairstyle, body, eyes, physical condition, marks, clothing

likes, dislikes, fears, goals, occupation, hobbies, favorite food, least favorite food, prized possession, vernacular (way of speaking), character behavior, aptitude, social and other pressure/problems, relationships, positive and negative characteristics, personality, other.

physical, magical, other.

If you are having trouble downloading the files above, just highlight the text below and copy and paste it onto your favorite text editor.

Profile for:

Astrological Sign:
Chinese Zodiac Sign:
Blood Type:

Basic Description:

Current Information
>family background

>birth place

>history, background


>possesions, make-up, jewelry, etc.


Physical Description
>hair style



>physical condition









>favorite food

>least favorite food

>most prized possesion (important or emotional value)

>vernacular (way of speaking)

>psychological condition

>character behaviour


>social and other pressure, problems

>relationships (with who and what kind)

>beliefs, superstition, moral value

>positive characteristics

>negatives characteristics






Profile originally created by Neoshaman of the Love Revolution team with some additions and introduction by Rio. Many thanks to Neoshaman for creating a useful and handy document!


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