Find all you need to know about making ren'ai games here in the Development Corner. Please Note: Each person has their own particular way of developing their own games. When you read through something, work with what is agreeable to you. That does not mean that you should overlook what is advised. The articles below were written based on personal experience. Take note of the advice, experiment, and work with what's best for you. Most of all, have fun!

Development Articles & Tutorials

Character Profiling
Create believable characters by using a profile. Recommended for the experienced developer only.

Designing and Completing A Ren'Ai Game
All around good advice of making a ren'ai game from start to finish.

Stereotypical Ren'ai Characters
The usual cast of characters to be found in a ren'ai game.

Director's Laboratory: Visual Design
Visual tricks game-makers employ to set their game apart.

Coming Soon: Planning Your Game
Turning an idea into a ren'ai game. From basic story and character outlines, game design, charting a game path outline, and working within your limitations (time, skill, availability).

Hue Color Chart Hue Color Chart (245KB)
Use as a reference for changing text colors, dialogue boxes, screen colors, and more. Each color box includes hexadecimal code and individual RGB numbers. Example: Periwinkle is Hexadecimal #CCCCFF, and RGB (204, 204, 255) respectively.

Ren'Py & DSE Tutorials

Ren'Py 101: Starting Out Part I
Editing script, setting configs, buttons, save slots, and preferences.

Ren'Py 101: Starting Out Part II
Setting backgrounds, transitions, character images, objects, and animation.

Ren'Py 101: Writing Your Script Part I
About labels, save game title, menus, and jumps and passes.

Ren'Py 101: Writing Your Script Part II
About variables, movies, music files, text styles, and restarting.

Ren'Py 101: Releasing Your Game Part I
Obfuscating images, and making a readme file.

Ren'Py 101: Releasing Your Game Part II
Changing the icon, and making a windows installer.

DSE Tutorial
Covers the DSE (Dating Sim Engine) files, main.rpy, events.rpy, day planner, and using arcs to structure your game.

Background Image Packs

Use these images for your games! It's free to use just as long as you give Rio or Ren' credit. All images may be used for game or game-related purposes only! Check 'em out:

Cloud Pack (4.5MB) 1600x1200; 14 images; Samples:

Bronx Zoo Pack 1 (8.7MB) 1600x1200; 27 images; Samples:

Bronx Zoo Pack 2 (15MB) 1600x1200; 17 images; Samples:

Bronx Zoo Pack 3 (12.2MB) 1600x1200; 14 images; Samples:

Bronx Zoo Pack 4 (15.4MB) 1600x1200; 18 images; Samples:

Development Threads at Lemma Soft

A Job For Someone Else?
About the pros and cons of letting someone else make a sequel to your game, completing your unfinished project, and fan-made works based on your games.

Keeping Track
How to keep track of plot or choice branches within your game.

Game Size
Thoughts on how big is too big when it comes to game file size.

800x600 Screen Size?
What screen size should you make your game? Read the pro's and cons, and you decide!

Things People Would Like to See in a Dating Sim
A constructive discussion as to what people want in a ren'ai game.

A look into how well fan-made English ren'ai games are faring with downloads, word-of-mouth, links, and reception.

Would this be... legal?
The what's what of using copyrighted materials in your ren'ai game from images to music.

Voiced Games
Voiced games. Here to stay or still too much for the average ren'ai developer?

Keyboard and Mouse Bindings
Control norms among ren'ai engines.

Ren'ai Game Development Links

Lemmasoft Ren'ai Development Center
Nscripter: Visual Novel Scripting Engine
Ren'Py: Visual Novel Interpreter
Resources Page at Lemmasoft Forum

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