Find what you need for ALICE (Assembler of Loose Individual Character Elements) here! We've got hairstyles, facial features, and clothes galore! For more about ALICE and where to get it, check out the mini-faq section further down this page.

** = Updated
PP = preview pack

Body Type: Alice

Packs for Alice, a body template by Rio. Images licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NoCommercial license. More information below in the mini-faq.

alice.azip (1.5 MB)
Includes torso, leg, head, 5 arm choices, 7 back hairs, 3 bangs, an underwear set, 2 ribbons, a hat, 3 seifuku set (includes top, skirt, plus matching socks & shoes), and facial expressions(eyes, eyebrows, nose) and several extras.
Last updated: January 12, 2006.

NOTE: Does not come with config file. You will have to manually set vertical to 1500 and horizontal to 563 for your inital viewing. We suggest you save your file so you do not have to input vertical and horizontal settings repeatedly. Then all you need to do is open your saved file and continue from there.

Body Type: Betty

Pack for Betty, a body template by Ren. License is unknown.

betty.azip (1 MB)
Includes body, arm, swimsuit, 4 eyebrows, 2 eyes, 8 bangs, 2 back hair,
and a mouth.

Last updated: December 4, 2005.


What is ALICE?
ALICE is short for "Assembler of Loose Individual Character Elements" and is basically a paperdoll creator where you choose parts of the doll, edit their colors, and when happy with the result, save them for game making purposes. For a preview, check out these screenshots: 01 . 02 . 03 . 04

Where can I get ALICE?
You can get ALICE (4 MB) here but before you can run it, you need to install GTK+ 2.6 or higher for it to work properly.

Somethings wrong with it! What now?
ALICE is a new release so if you encounter any problems, post here and it should be taken cared of asap. Suggestions are welcome as well, so feel free to share your opinions.

Can I make paperdolls too?
Yup! The beauty of ALICE is that anyone can create their own body templates and make their own designs with it! There are currently two artists who've made artwork for ALICE, myself and Ren. If you would like to share your creations for ALICE with others, feel free to post at Lemmasoft forums.

How about if I just want to design clothes...?
No problem! You're free to use our body template Alice CG (138 KB) as a base to work on for clothing, hairstyles, or facial features. More body templates are on the way, so check back here for more choices. For the nude version, click here.

Can I use the images for anything?
Only for non-commercial use. Our packs are under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoCommercial license meaning you can only use my ALICE packs for freeware games but you must provide credit to me, Rio A., or to this website, Feel free to use my artwork as place-holders for your commercial products though. If using my art for your commercial project is positively crucial, drop me a line at

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