Ren'ai Games features free, original, and non-H games. We promote the development of ren'ai games for those who are interested in making their own but don't know where to begin with tips, tutorials, and articles. If you would like to help our endeavor, any type of info from links, your own articles, and even images would be most welcome. Just send it to Riowww.renaigames.net.

We are also home to the infamous ultra-challenging IntRenAiMo and NaNoRenO where we challenge developers to complete their unfinished ren'ai games or make a new ren'ai game before the end of the Ren'Ai Month: March. Come and join us in next year's annual IntRenAiMo and NaNoRenO!


Q: What does "ren'ai" mean?
A: Ren'ai is Japanese for "romance". A ren'ai game means a computer game strongly themed around romance: examples include dating games or interactive romance stories. There are various types of ren'ai games from bishoujo (female love interest), bishounen (male love interest), yaio (male-male relationships), yuri (female-female relationships), and more adult-oriented games (aka hentai). Visit Wikipedia for more information.

Q: Who runs the site?
A: A female named Rio runs the site. She also runs Manga Tutorials and helps maintain Ren'ai Archives among some others. If you would like to contact Rio, you can do so at riowww.renaigames.net.

Q: I can't download your game. Can I get it somewhere else?
A: Yes, you can get them at Ren'Ai Archives as well.

Q: Do you know where I can get some more ren'ai games?
A: The best place to go is to Ren'Ai Archives where you can download free ren'ai games. You can also submit your ren'ai game to them if you have one finished. Just make sure you read through their submissions page.

Q: Can you help me make my game?
A: The only help I can give you is to provide advice. Check out our Development Corner or visit Lemmasoft's Game-Maker's Corner and post a message. If the help you're refering to is to program, draw artwork, CG artwork, or becoming a team member in general - sorry, I'm currently booked with my own games and I can't offer you help this way. The only way I will most likely help someone with artwork and so forth is if 1) they have a good record of producing finished games, and 2) I'm not busy. If you need a crew, ask around at Lemmasoft's Game-Maker's Corner. Good luck!

Q: How can I support the site?
A: You can support the site in the following ways:
- write and submit an article relating to ren'ai games
- write development articles
- spread the word about our games, tutorials, articles, and/or NaNoRenO and IntRenAiMo
- link to us at your site via http://www.renaigames.com or http://www.renaigames.net

Q: Is there any other games Rio has worked on besides those found here?
A: Yes, she's worked in teams as an artist from doing character designs, backgrounds, and CGing. Those games include Metropolitan Blues, Foxtaile, and Love Revolution: Fragile Hearts. She may be credited under her name, Rio, or her member name, eclipse.

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