Welcome to Ren'ai Games! Ren'ai is Japanese for "romance" whereas a ren'ai game is a computer game strongly themed around romance such as dating games or interactive romance stories.

What's New?

06.Aug.04 - Blind Love is taking a tad longer than expected but in the meantime, I've added some free images you guys can use for your games in the Development Corner. They're free to use as long as you give this site or myself credit for them. Enjoy!

06.Jul.10 - mikey's updated a couple of his articles, Goodbye, Class of 2005! and Game Recognition Handbook. Also, a new Foxtaile demo is almost ready for release plus expect my long delayed NaNoRenO entry, Blind Love, sometime this month!

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Game Recognition Handbook

I don't get it...

New to the world of bishoujo, dating sims, and ren'ai games? Find out what's what in mikey's newly redone article Game Recognition Handbook that explains the who's, what's, and why's to these types of games! Article includes a handy terminology list, examples, and now further links for more information.

Also, check out his other thought provoking and useful articles:

The History of Fan-Made Ren'ai Gaming
Are They All Just for Kids?
Goodbye, Class of 2005!
Visual Novels Are NOT Games!
Artificial Girl 2
The Point of Bishoujo Games

Foxtaile Demo Now Available!

Teaming up with the creator of Metropolitan Blues once more, a new vision is formed! Foxtaile takes place in the aftermath of the Japanese civil war around 1600. The world of gods and men collide when a wounded samurai is rescued by a group of fox spirits. A tale of trust and betrayal, of love and loss follows, and the outcome is determined by the actions of a single female fox spirit: You.

Type: Bishounen
Rating: Everyone
Platform: Windows
Download Demo: Windows (9.7MB)

Foxtaile artwork by Rio

Blind Love

Synopsis: Blinded by a tragic accident and faced with years of physical therapy, Kyle is finally getting his vision back. The question is, will he like what he sees when he finally opens his eyes?

Release Date: July 2006
Credits: Rio, JestaAriadne (music), made with Ren'Py
Rating: Everyone
Playtime: TBA
Hardware Requirements: TBA
Platform: Windows, Unix, Mac

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